All About Dancing

Dancing is part of the performing arts. It is essentially a way to express yourself through body movements and music. There are many reasons people choose to dance.

Reasons People Choose Dance

For many people, dancing is a release. They can become absorbed in music and are able to express their feelings through dance. Some people choose dance as part of social activity, while others may choose to make it their profession.

The National Ballet

The National Ballet of Canada is a great example of professional dance. It is a leading ballet company on an international level. The National Ballet company consists of seventy dancers who have their own orchestra. Karen Kain, a top ballerina, has led the National Ballet since 2005. The National Ballet Company performs annually during all seasons except spring. The Nutcracker is also an annual performance. Visit the National Ballet website and show your children their virtual museum. It really is something to see.

Education and Programs for Youth

The National Ballet is highly involved and dedicated to outreach. The company is committed to dance education for any family who may not have the financial opportunity to experience what ballet has to offer. The company has various programs designed for age-appropriate children. They engage with schools, communities, and children all across Canada.

Common Community Dance Programs For Children

It is very important to enroll your children in some kind of activity. This allows the kids to burn off excess energy. Children enrolled in dance programs also learn better social skills and how to work as a team. Dance can also improve the mental health of children and create higher levels of self-confidence. Here are some common dance programs that most communities offer.

  • Jazz
  • Hip Hop
  • Tap
  • Ballet
  • Caribbean
  • Contemporary
  • Musical Theatre
  • Creative Movement
  • Family Dance (For toddlers)

Quite often parents will enroll their kids in more than one program, typically dance styles that complement one another.

Community Dance Programs for Adults

Many communities offer dance programs for adults. It’s never too late to learn how to dance. The City of Toronto offers various courses for adults as well as children and youth. Some of the programs offered by the City of Toronto are:

  • Adult dance for participants between the ages of 25-59 – Ballroom, Salsa, and Latin.
  • Older Adults – many courses offering social dance and instructional
  • Hip Hop – Adult
  • Line Dance – Adult
  • Line Dance – Older Adult, over the age of 60